Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Giving you peace of mind about the future

A Guaranteed Service

Our plans can be relied upon by providing you with a guarantee from the funeral director that they will deliver their services, no matter how far into the future on the terms agreed today ensuring that your arrangements are fully protected against any changes to the company or to general financial circumstances.

Plan in Advance

Ensuring that our families don’t have any extra burdens at a difficult time is important to us. With our help you can plan in advance so everything is taken care of and your wishes are followed.

Organise every detail of your funeral to your specifications, relieve your family of worry and uncertainty, avoid additional expenses by paying in advance.

Our Golden Charter Funeral Plan Includes

The funeral director’s services

The coffin

A hearse to a local cemetery or crematorium

Advice on the certification and registration of the death and related documentation

Use of a chapel of rest or service rooms

Care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation

Transportation of the deceased to a suitable resting place within a 15 mile radius

Confidential assistance with bereavement counselling, if required

The Very Best of Care

Your local independent funeral director Joe Dawson have built a reputation on providing the very best of care and attention to detail for your loved one at a time when only the best will do.