Please Read This First

The Competition and Markets Authority have passed law in 2021 that ensures that ALL undertakers publish a ‘Standardised Price List’ this is to allow the public to compare prices, we all have to publish the same template and cannot alter it in any way. Sadly the list is open to interpretation and some funeral directors have chosen to display prices that may not reflect the final cost of their service and are designed to get you through their door where you may find the price for the service you expect is considerably higher. The prices we display are our actual prices and not something to get you through the door but you must be aware that these are prices for a normal service at the Crematorium and for a graveside service for burial, our traditional full service may include items not in the Standardised List. The only way to know for sure is to ask us, we prefer to discuss this face to face and are happy to do this with no commitment. There is a saying – If it looks too good to be true it probably is, lets see how long those low prices remain.

We do a Direct Cremation service for £1600, sometimes less where genuine needs dictate, nothing additional is needed, this includes face to face arrangements, and genuine care from our local staff here in our premises in Buckie, not some remote mortuary with telephone or email support and help lines.  Click here for details and terms and conditions.